Horseheads In New York

Horseheads has known to be a nice town in the Chenmung County, New York in the United States Of America. The population has been known to be 20,000 people living there when the census was taken in the year 2010. Now that was almost 9 years ago, and the population could indeed have increased significantly indeed. The actual name of the town actually came because of the number of bleached horse heads that were found there. It is also located north of the city of Elmira on which it actually borders. There is also a small village in there with the same name within the town. It is also a part of the Elmira Metropolitan Statistical Area.

It was founded initially in September in the year 1779. Under the orders of the forces of the General John Sullivan, burdened down with the heavy military forces and equipment, they marched north for 450 miles through a heavily wooded wilderness from Easton, Pennsylvania over to Wyoming, Pennsylvania. They also continued north through what is now known as Finger Lakes regions and then west to Geneseo. They also returned 3 weeks later after having accomplished everything that they had set out to anyway. The greater portion of the army was indeed under the immediate command of Sullivan.

The journey that they had faced has indeed made them really tired and because they said it was really severe and apparently, even their food supply was insufficient. Later, they started disposing of a large number of horses which were sick and disabled, to begin with. This number was indeed large and quite noticeable, and the natives started collecting the skulls and then arranged them in a line along the trail. From then on, the place was referred to as the “valley of horses’ heads”, and it is actually still known by the name that it was given so long ago.

Here are some additional details about Horseheads. According to the United States census bureau, the town has been known to have a total area of 35.9 square miles which would be around 93 kilometers. It also has a railway system which opened in the year 1900 and has been operating ever since.

One of the best things about small towns like these is that there are very low crime rates and also, the people known each other. Everyone would know all the people in the town. They would also get to know if a stranger is in their midst. Small town people are indeed really loyal to one another indeed. Horseheads is indeed the same, even though it has a history, the people there are indeed warm and very nice to one another all the time.

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